Gironde, western coast of France… here’s the sand, the pines, the
wilderness of ocean, the power of the wind and the breath coming from the
open sky.

It’s a place where you can experience both calm, peace of mind and action,
sports and adrenaline.

Summer is God damn busy here… it’s full of Germans, Dutchs nobody knows

They’re almost as numerous as French here and I never understand why…
maybe for the same reasons than me?

Anyway, I much prefer being here in winter and when it’s less busy.
Nobody there…

It makes me think about spaghetti western movies I used to watch… we could almost
hear morricone songs in the windy streets.

And it’s different now, to be there older with a new life and at the same time bringing with me old memories and stuff.

Going back to the roots, re-discovering what you knew with a new eye and new way of thinking …

but with Morgane whom I met here 10 years ago, it sound’s like we’re both 13 doing our silly teenagers experiences … which is a good feeling but making you feel older than you really are.

From the hights of the Pyla Dune to the smoky deeps of the Soulac’s clubs, we’ve both discovered and re-discovered the places we used to taste long time ago.

Memories like shells on the beach, covered by the sand untill the wind blow it up to uncover it again …
We’re like paleonthologs, scientists, looking for prehistoric ruins and bones … travelling the coast to meet the past to experience this new “old world”
, facing our new “us” …

I used to get here since I was born and I guess this place is still influencing me in some ways… from its smells… crispy sand mixed with bushes, salty
water flying in the air, scattered through the wind… and those noisy
waves, this endless ocean in front of us…

I guess we all feel like insects here as the nature is so strong, so great
and powerful.

Though, some people are still facing this monster… riders.
It’s like they’re here to stand and fight against the ocean, against the wind and the wilderness but not like enemies, not at all…

they’re like companions,
like tiny wild beasts enjoying the presence of the nature…

little dots
moving on blue walls…

starved sharks looking for water curves, tunnel and acrobatic meals.

I learnt surf when I was 10–11 years old, let say that’s a long time since my last session and I’ve always wanted to start again…

to remember this
incredible sensation of being in this special dialogue with nature.

To feel yourself moving in harmony with water, merging your body to your board and your board to the ocean…

swinging, swimming, falling and
hiking with the waves…

such a wonderful experience, such a great dance…

I wish I could feel that again…

But it looks like time has passed and that I’ve lost all that I learned… my body moves like a slow fatty jellyfish and I even struggle to take a simple wave…

Hard times on the road 33.

Road 33, at Montalivet-les-Bains, Soulac-sur-Mer, Pilat, Gironde, France, the 21th June 2015

with the friendly participation of Morgane Thomas

Song Sparks Fly by Hazards Of Swimming Naked

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