Flixxo new Partners and Advisors!

Building a community around a project relies on having a strong community within the project itself. A bunch of people who share a vision working together. That is the most complicated part: if you succeed in building up a strong group on the inside, it´s easier to spread the enthusiasm on the outside.

Today we are super proud to announce partnerships and advisories from some of the most renowned companies and people from this ecosystem.

Bancor enables the easy creation of Smart Tokens™, which allow for newly embedded functionality into cryptocurrencies. With the ability to hold other tokens as connectors and to be converted directly with their own smart contracts, as opposed to any counter-party or through exchanges, Smart Tokens™ can instantly be converted to tokens of all types on the network, enhancing liquidity and facilitating usage-driven and algorithmic price calculation. Smart Tokens™ and their holders benefit from continuous liquidity and increased stability thanks to their automated, built in market maker and algorithmically calculated prices.

Flixxo is in integrating the Bancor Protocol™ to develop a Token Relay™, a solution that provides a decentralized liquidity pool of FLIXX and BNT, encapsulated in a Bancor Protocol™ compliant Smart Token™.

The Token Relay™ provides a decentralized, automated solution for converting FLIXX to BNT, with no counter party, also enabling two-way ETH-FLIXX conversions. FLIXX will also be automatically convertible to any other token in the Bancor Network™, such as GNO, STX and other tokens who join in the future, building up sinergies. Such a technology is the starting point of what we envision as a true cooperation between different tokenized economies, creating a whole new ecosystem.

“We’re excited to welcome Flixxo to the Bancor Network™ and see user-generated video, a medium close to our heart, come to life on the blockchain” said Eyal Hertzog, Product Architect of Bancor and former Chief Product Officer of MetaCafe, a popular video sharing site.

Michael Terpin joins as advisor

We know Michael from many years ago, and we started following him on every Coinagenda event held around the world. He is the guy if you need a PR hand on your blockchain project. But long before blockchain, Michael was a renowned promotor and investor in tech and media companies. Tech and media, such expertise is a great add for our team. We´ve heard Michael´s TED talk about how Blockchain would disrupt Hollywod and we knew he had to be part of Flixxo. Having being involved in more than 40 successful ICOs, we are super proud of having him on board!

The Dom

Dominik Zynis, the uncle of the baby

Probably Dom was the first one who advised us on making an ICO for financing our project. Being the Head of Communication of Wings.ai he has been advising us in the shadows for the last months and we thought it was time to bring him to the light, and formally announce he´s been helping us and will continue pointing an horizon for Flixxo. This project wouldn´t be the same without him on board.