Flixxo: State of the Project

It’s five days until Flixxo token sale finally kicks off, so it’s not a bad idea to cover what we’ve done so far. Actually, there are lots of things we would like to share, and each of them deserves a separate post, so here’s a brief recap of our progress so far. Also, check our recent blog post for some fresh details about new partnerships and advisors.

As we said above, our token sale will start five days from now, and currently we’re in the middle of a closed pre-sale campaign, and we’re doing great. For those of you interested in the details of the upcoming token sale, here’s an earlier post providing all the information you may need.

Our project has drawn attention from the media, and we’re excited that it’s not about just cryptocurrency-focused news outlets and online magazines such as Cointelegraph or Bitcoinist but also about some mainstream media, including such respectable publications as TorrentFreak, Forbes and the Huffington Post. Finally, we’ve received some local coverage as well:

We’re happy to announce some new and very important partnerships for our project. Most remarkably, we have partnered with Bancor a project that hardly needs any introduction. Bancor thus join the awesome company of our other partners, which includes PopcornTime (whose co-creator we’ve got onboard), Stremio, AdEx, FAV!Media, CoinFabrik, RSK Labs (also we have a co-founder on the team) and Wings. The list is very likely to keep on expanding, so keep the finger on our updates!

We’re partnering with some content producing companies we can’t disclose at the moment. In any case, we are confident that those partnerships would prove fruitful and will further reinforce our ecosystem.

Soon we’ll be launching a forecasting on Wings, which is also a great news. You don’t know what we’re talking about? Here’s a post by the guys from Wings that explains everything in the clearest possible terms.

We’ve got another renowned advisor on board, which is Michael Terpin of Transform PR, who is an illustrious promoter and investor for tech and media companies. It seems like a perfect match for our project! And there’s another advisor who has been onboard for a while now: we’re happy to announce it is Dominik Zynis of WINGS, without whom Flixxo wouldn’t have been what it is.

Our CEO and founder Adrián Garelik will speak at iconic Las Vegas CoinAgenda, on a panel about blockchain and entertainment (#blockchainment!) and will also participate in the ICO contest at the same event.

Earlier we’ve published a quick tour on our prototype, which is by all means a useful thing for everyone interested in Flixxo. If you have missed it for whatever reason, you can catch up with us here.

A small yet pleasant news: we have updated our website’s design. Check it out right now!

And, as we’re just five days away from our token sale’s commencement, here’s a humble reminder of its terms.

The campaign will kick off on October 24th, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. CET, and will last for thirty days. The tokens will have a fixed price of 1 ETH = 4,000 Flixx, however, we’re offering bonuses throughout the entire campaign. Thus, first day contributors will have a 30% bonus with a 25% bonus available for the rest of week one. Then it will keep on dropping by 5% every week until the end of the campaign, at which point it will comprise just 10%. Once again, a detailed description is available in a separate post.

Do you have some questions, proposals, or just want to talk shop? Join our Telegram group and more than 1,100 of its members!

We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned!