Tron, BitTorrent and Flixxo

News of Justin Sun, CEO of the Chinese startup TRON (the company behind the cryptocurrency of the same name), acquiring BitTorrent Inc. hit the crypto world a couple of days ago, creating a lot of speculation and excitement but also a lot of confusion. It is in the mist of this confusion that we have been contacted by several people who are wondering if this will have any relation or effect on Flixxo.

How are we related to BitTorrent? Almost three years ago, being part of RSK, our CEO Adrián Garelik started advising some media companies into mixing the capabilities of blockchain and smart contracts with the power of p2p content sharing networks. At that time, the only ideas behind media+blockchain were related to micropayments. Two years ago, Garelik met Federico Abad — creator of Popcorn Time, the application that revolutionized the way media content was consumed in the BitTorrent world— and Flixxo was born. BitTorrent ecosystem embraced the news as you can read in this Torrent Freak article, dated October 2017.

Flixxo aims on incentivizing a p2p network for turning each user into a server, and BitTorrent protocol is a key part of our development.

“We have been working for over two years shortening the gap between these two ecosystems as we strongly believe their technologies are a perfect match.” said Garelik.

While TRON is now the owner of the company BitTorrent Inc. this doesn’t interfere with other software that use the technology of the BitTorrent Protocol, Flixxo included, as they are two separate things. BitTorrent protocol is open source, and BitTorrent Inc. only manages some applications built on top of that protocol (such as the popular uTorrent client).

Having said that, it is good to let our community know that Flixxo is not related in any way with Tron project or Tron currency, as our token is built on top of Ethereum Blockchain. Even though we are testing the RSK environment, there are no plans of switching to another blockchain in the near future.

As of today, Flixxo is actively working, putting the finishing touches to our application, which will be launched as planned on June the 25th. The same day that Tron launches it’s mainnet, which is — again — just a coincidence.