5 Strategies For Living With MS & Coronavirus

According to the MS Society and official advise from the government in England, UK you should be socially distancing yourself.

But there is also this new rule of self isolation of 12 weeks for vulnerable adults. This I am especially concerned about as I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

“Avoid all social contact for 12 weeks” — Boris Johnson

Plus just after this announcement, I had to start a 14 day self isolation as my child started with a persistent cough.

Therefore, these are the strategies I am putting into place to get through the next 2–12 weeks. I read on the government website that I will get further advice from my MS team (specialist nurse or consultant) next week on what my specific advice will be.

So I am hoping from there I will have more clarity when I speak to them. But for now here are my 5 strategies to getting through the self isolation period.

Strategy #1 Stock Up

Stock up on essential goods (not just toilet roll and soap). To stock up, I have been concentrating on stocking up on goods that we use a lot of such as cereal and bread.

When stocking up on bread, we only buy enough to last for the week. Then we get it home, we place 1 loaf out for daily use straight away and then the other loaf we put in the freezer.

If you have a similar situation to me and running low on space in your freezer. What we have done is split it up, put it into freezer bags (reusable ones) and put some where there is room.

These essential goods is what we can use for the regular time we would have it, i.e such as cereal for breakfast and bread for lunch. But we will be having cereal, toast and sandwiches if needed to replace meals we would regularly have for dinner.

After doing this for quite some time, I have found a saving on my money and a reduction in my anxiety as to what we can eat.

So, what can you stock up on to ensure that you will always be fed?

Strategy #2 Start Homeschooling

Having a young daughter (8 years), I am concerned that she may start falling behind.

Unless of course she surprises me by telling me that she has been watching and playing educational videos and or games. But I am very doubtful that this will happen!

Therefore, I am taking measures to start homeschooling my child.

As we cannot go out to places such as museums and galleries for example to teach her, instead I am going to be using the already available online resources.

More specifically we will be using the resource BBC bitesize where we have found loads of tools to carry on her education whilst we are in self isolation.

When the weather allows, we will be going out to the local park for an hour of exercise. But if the weather is absolutely horrendous then we are going to be doing dancing and playing football all in our home.

Strategy #3 Do Exercises

All of the exercise I do as part of my homeschooling plan is all good for the cardio and keeping the heart healthy. But I also need to concentrate on doing exercises that keep the muscles strong.

Not only keep my muscles strong but to not lose my basic mobility.

If you did not know, I have the chronic condition Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I find it very easy to lose my basic mobility. Therefore, these are the exercises I am going to be doing.

Squats (So my knees remain flexible and workout the thigh muscles)

Side Kicks (To workout the inner and outer thigh muscles)

Bicep Lifts with weights (To strengthen my arms)

Tricep Dips (To strengthen my arms)

You may have noticed I did not mention any specific ab exercises as I have a bad back. So I am super cautious about this and don’t want to start causing me back pain.

Instead ab exercises I do are simple. Whenever I am doing the above exercises, I pull in my abdominals.

Strategy #4 Fill Up On Protein

As someone with MS, I understand the importance of protein on reducing the damage to the myelin sheath and even possibly repairing it. Proteins I eat are



Olive Oil spreads


All of these are high in protein but also the essential fatty acids the body needs. Unfortunately I went to Lidl yesterday and found that all of the eggs had sold out.

Therefore I will not be having eggs this week and hope my online shop in 9 days will deliver me some eggs.

These foods do not just help with the MS but they also curb hunger. With being on self isolation out of boredom we could end up snacking more. Therefore, eating these foods will curb the hunger for snacking and just eat at meal times.

Strategy #5 Sip Water

Being self isolated, my skin is starting to lose its glow. Worse yet, I had a breakout making me look like a teenager again!

This is not good at all!

Therefore, I have taken the drastic action of removing coffee and all sugar from my life. Yes! I said it was drastic measures and it really is.

Instead, I am now sipping on water now all throughout the day. This has been helping to clear up my skin, but also got my motivation back for being a freelancer.

If you only drank bottled water before and struggling to get some. Please order yourself a water filterer from an online marketplace such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

The world today is a very scary place as we don’t really understand the coronavirus or how long it will last for.

Keep yourself healthy as much as you can with your mind, body, and soul.

But more importantly where you can look after each other including your elderly neighbors.

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