Milan, Italy. “Coworking and Vacation is becoming a trend topic in a growing number of summer and winter spots” — the title of a talk held on the first day of the 2015 Coworking Europe Conference by Steve Munroe from Hubud sounded promising.

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Back in 2014: a long, long time ago…

Last year when I went to my first Coworking Conference in Lisbon with the vague idea of writing something about Coworking and Tourism, all there was in this area were…

No Coworking related word cloud without a big COMMUNITY

A personal account of the core values of Coworking, what they mean in practice and why Coworkation might enhance them.

It has been two months since I gave up my flat, put my things in boxes, stored them in my parents’ cellar and set off to explore the world of Coworkation. No one forced me to leave my cosy home behind and I could have quite easily written my Master’s Thesis from the comfort of my own desk. Maybe that would have been more efficient, maybe I would be done by now.

However, I wouldn’t have learnt and seen nearly as much as I did and I wouldn’t have met any of the great people I met. But most importantly…

Coworking und Tourismus — so lässt sich das Thema meiner Master-Arbeit grob zusammenfassen. Seit zwei Monaten schreibe ich nicht mehr nur über dieses Phänomen, ich lebe es. Ich tue es meinen “Forschungsobjekten” gleich, verbinde Reisen und Arbeiten und schreibe meine Thesis aus in Feriendestinationen gelegenen Coworking Spaces. Dabei werde ich immer wieder gefragt, wie ich eigentlich auf dieses Thema gekommen bin. Der Grund dazu liegt einige Jahre zurück in einem Essay zum Thema „Wandel und Innovation der Arbeitswelt: Herausforderungen und Chancen”, das ich damals zur Aufnahme in mein Master Programm geschrieben habe. Es war das erste Mal, dass ich auf…

Samantha Wolf

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