Organised religion must join the fight against homophobia
The Conversation

You are correct that those who are religious owe it to their brothers and sisters on this earth to show compassion towards one another. We should all strive to love everyone regardless of creeds, paradigms, biases, etc. That does not mean however, that we must accept those different creeds, paradigms, biases, etc if we choose not to. There is a difference between the person and their actions and we must treat them as such.

I know that everyone wants to put LGBTQ rights alongside the civil rights that came to pass last century, but there is a huge difference. Granting civil rights was based on recognizing that immutable skin color has nothing to do with a person’s abilities. Civil Rights have nothing to do with a person’s potential actions, only what they look like. Homosexuality, on the other hand, does not have a similar immutable characteristic. All LGBTQ people do not look gay. What is more there is no consensus on the origin of homosexuality. It is not definitively biological, mental, sexual or driven by choice. It just a combination of all, of none or something else all together. Homosexuality just is. More importantly, however, homosexuality is governed by choice. It is something that can or cannot be acted upon.

Religion is also governed by choice. A person will choose the church they will attend, the path they will walk, the sins they will commit and whether to seek forgiveness.

Everyone in this debate is entitled to their own opinions whether or not they anger the opposing point of view. You have a right to speak and if it happens to offend, that’s okay. But you don’t have a right to dictate what can or cannot be said and you certainly don’t have a right NOT to be offended. Arguing that religions need to change their doctrine because it is offensive to some flies in the very face of what a religion is supposed to accomplish. Religion teaches that there is right and there is wrong. I am not going to spend the time here delineating what is or is not sin because my point is bigger than such a list. If a church wants to list homosexuality on the list of things not to do, that is their right. If a church wants to permit homosexuality that is also their right. The LGBTQ community needs to stop looking to get offended and allow organized religion to make their own decisions especially since the LGBTQ community is enjoying unprecedented success this century in getting their message out and changing people’s points of view.

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