Why the law says “Yes” even if others disagree

Before we go further, let’s get some things out of the way.

I know, I know, “you have to be a national of a Member State to have EU citizenship. And the UK will no longer be a Member State.
Yes, you’re right, “experts say the proposal to keep citizenship after Brexit doesn’t have a chance.”
And then there’s the argument “Why would we guarantee these rights for Brits without reciprocity? Why should we? They voted to leave anyway!”

Forgive my tone, but: now that we’ve established that we all ‘know’ the obvious and the headlines, let’s focus on the less obvious and the complex, shall we? Let’s talk law.

First of all we need to understand that citizenship is not the same as nationality. If we check the entry for…

A letter to all EU citizens and a plea for signatures

Dear Friends,

First of all, we want to apologize for the delay. We were registered on 27 March 2017 but have been unable to collect signatures online until 30 May 2017. The reasons for this are multiple, and they include inherent obstacles in the way an ECI is designed as well as long periods of deliberation by the main organisers about the best way to move forward. If this initiative becomes as huge as we want (and need) it to be, then there’s it’s likely that someone might try…

A Triad of Interdependence

There’s no doubt about the impact that migration has had in recent democratic decisions. Both the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” decision to withdraw from the European Union and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America seem to have been largely influenced by anti-immigrant sentiments. In fact, official figures suggest that there was a 41% increase in hate crimes being reported after the Brexit referendum, and this was reported by much more than one source. Similarly, after Trump’s election, a large spike in hate crimes against blacks and immigrants started being referred…

Individuals and Communities

Image for post
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Jodocus Hondius, Map of Europe, 1597 Atlas sive cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mundi et fabricati figura (1607–1608) Public domain.

To understand the things that are going on in the world today and to notice potential patterns, it’s important to develop a sense of history. For that reason, this series will delve into the history of international relations and world order. It is of course an impossible task to cover all the events, people and ideas that have managed to influence these developments, which is why this series will focus mainly on two things: the “big picture” and the “little picture” of international relations. What this means more specifically is: States and citizens.

States are the collective, big picture of…

What is is and how it works

According to Article 11(4) of the Treaty on the European Union,

“Not less than one million citizens who are nationals of a significant number of Member States may take the initiative of inviting the European Commission, within the framework of its powers, to submit any appropriate proposal on matters where citizens consider that a legal act of the Union is required for the purpose of implementing the Treaties.
The procedures and conditions required for such a citizens’ initiative shall be determined in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 24 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.”

Flock Brexit

“Birds of a Feather Flock Together”. Sign the ECI here: https://ec.europa.eu/citizens-initiative/30/public/index.do

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