My new employer — find out in my story what this bag is about

Okay, okay — I should pick up some loose ends before I start with my newest story as my last one dates January 1 (oopsie). Last I wrote I was starting my job hunt and was facing a lot of insecurity. However, I am happy to share with you that I started a new job on March 15, already. In between I was very sick with a heavy flu and fell one night in my apartment and got a big cut on my face — now I am blessed with an 8cm large scar on my face :(

While I…

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It is 0:10 a.m. on January 1, 2021 — the new year has just begun, and I am now unemployed for 10 minutes. A funny, crazy but right now also a real scary thought that came to my mind. So, I decided to sit down to reflect on 2020 and give an outlook for 2021.

2020 has been overshadowed by Covid-19 and its effects on our personal life. Yes, I could not physically see my friends and family as much as I wanted and yes, I could not go on a vacation due to travel restrictions. But when I think…

I feel liberated. A huge weight taken off my shoulder. A lingering thought taken off my brain.

Yesterday, I quit my job. December is my last month at my current company. I do not have a new job yet, did not get a severance package and I still quit — during a pandemic. Crazy you might say — and you might be right, but I am sure that I will never regret this decision.
For me, this decision is the start of prioritizing self-care, self-appreciation, and happiness in my life. It is a big risk, but with big risk…

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The wind was whistling softly in the forest and leaves were flying through the air — it was Erky’s favorite season. There was no place Erky would rather like to be at than the forest on such a beautiful fall day. The sun was warming his pale face and he squinted his ice blue eyes as the sun was finding its way through the tree crowns that were thinning out. The forest was calm at this very moment, his crunching footsteps on the fallen yellow and brown leaves and the occasional whistling of the wind was all Erky could hear…

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„Ramona died in the accident…”

I can exactly recall this sentence and the way my mother said it. This was the saddest, hardest, and most shocking moment of my life. I can feel the emotions creeping up inside of me while I am writing this — even though this happened more than 16 years ago. It is a story that I do not talk about at all normally, but I think it is time to change that — to heal the remaining wounds and let the world know what a great person Ramona was.

Let me take you back a…

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Google is known for disrupting, innovating, or even starting new business fields. Their educational program “Grow”, launched in 2017, might turn out to change the educational system. The program is centered around education for both individuals and small businesses:

It offers a huge variety of online classes in collaboration with other institutions. These programs are tailored for individuals trying to advance their careers, for educators and for veterans looking for a career after their military service. In addition, small business owner can find useful trainings on how to digitalize or grow their business. You might think that this is not…

How to stand out more with your resume — Photo by Rupert Britton on Unsplash

Most people dislike and struggle with this task: creating an attractive, meaningful, and convincing resume. In this story I want to share some of my insights with you on how to improve your resume.

1. What is your main message?

In my story about how to do better presentation slides, I explain the concept on focusing on three to five main messages. The same goes for your resume What do you want the reader (e.g. a recruiter or your potential new boss) to think and know about you after reading your resume? Do not expect them to remember all the…

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“…power is an illusion of perception” — Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance.

I am usually not that guy that knows many quotes by hard or uses them in his conversations. This quote, however, is one of the few quotes that stuck with me, despite it being part of a fantasy novel. In this story I want to share my thoughts on this quote and in how far you can exercise more authority and power than you might expect.

The Cambridge dictionary defines power as the “ability to control people and events”. Therefore, the more “powerful” you are, the bigger your…

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We all know the feeling of having goals but not reaching them and telling ourselves that we must boost our motivation. You can find numerous articles on motivation and how to boost it but a video I watched recently changed my take on this issue.

Dr. Alok Kanojia (Dr. K) is a professional Harvard-trained psychiatrist who talks about mental health and gaming addiction on his YouTube and Twitch channel HealthyGamerGG. In one of his latest videos he talks about unlocking your motivation — the title of the video immediately sparked my curiosity as I found the phrasing “unlock your motivation”…

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Most people with an office job have been confronted with this task: preparing some slides for a presentation. I know that many people do not like the task very much because they are not good at using PowerPoint, for example, fear the alignment meetings with their boss, or have trouble structuring and displaying the content in a presentation/slide format.

I want to talk about the second and third point in today’s story. In my more than five years of professional experience I have seen many presentations and slides — and I have to say: only very few were actually good…


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