FLOgmall expands the horizons!

Friends, we are glad to inform you about important decision… We prolong our ICO for a while!

We reached Soft Cap, we met a lot of like-minded people, cool partners like KICKICO, Klooway, Viuly, we worked with such altcoins as Colossus, Cloakcoin, Solaris, Verge and started to popularize cryptocurrency but… If someone likes his job and he works hard, can he try to work perfectly? — yep!

June 26 should be the day when FLOGmall ICO will end. But we get an incredible amount of feedbacks from the people who don’t have enough time, from our investors from Europe and the United States, who are currently solving the necessary legal issues in order to become participants of our project!

Why did we decide to do it?

Because of such interest in our project from Western investors, we just could not miss this opportunity. All our holders will get benefit from this.

On the website the contributions during the ICO stage are already $13,997,237, it means that the total amount during all stages is about $17,201,272. There is a chance to reach a total Hard-Cap — $24,000,000. So, should we give up right now?

Why is it so important? Reaching hard cap means an opportunity to improve the marketing strategy, and the right marketing strategy is our chance to popularize the world of cryptocurrency.

In our plans: the expansion of the community in Europe and the US, and we can achieve such results:

-More target audience →

-More opportunities to develop the website →

-More shops, goods and services →

-More opportunities for MLC token on the exchange and ATES!

We announce a new day for the end of our ICO: July 20th!

This is the deadline for the end of FLOGmall ICO, nevertheless, there can be possibility of premature end of this stage, when our plans will be fulfilled.

The bonus system is still on, all bonuses will be the same till the very end. Also, we pay your attention that all plans concerning listing and sales are unchanged, and about each news FLOGmall will report personally!

We have worked really hard but we could not have done it alone! We thank our partners, investors, and, of course, the best bounty team who are so loyal and who every day promote our idea of cryptocurrency!

Thank you for being with us. Thank you for your support! We appreciate that you understand how important this decision is! The end of our ICO will be soon.

Stay with FLOGmall!