The new kid on the block.

Recently found this site & thought it was pretty dope, pretty interested in learning more about it and finding good blogs to follow.


Well, i’m new to the whole blogging scene. I’m pretty much gonna just use this to express myself and the way I see things etc, and just post about random stuff that goes on throughout my life, probably will post some stories about myself & life aswell.

About me

  • 20 years old
  • Favorite color is green
  • Favorite food is pepperoni pizza
  • I'm a libra
  • Dancer
  • Bipolar as fuck
  • Outgoing
  • Creative
  • I like photography
  • I get irritated with people easily

I’ll tell more about myself in my future posts.


Creating this post was pretty fun, looking forward to posting alot more. Probably will post some stuff throughout the day or whenever I feel like it.

Talk to you later.

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