The advantages of having laminate flooring for dance studio

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Jan 6 · 3 min read

When asked to imagine a dance studio, you’ll invariably think of mirrored wall surfaces and a dance flooring that resembles wood flooring. This idea of a dance flooring is so common because wooden flooring provides the comfort and cushioning needed for dancers to practice their routines.

As someone who wants to start their dance studio or interested in redoing a room within your home as a personal dance floor, it would be wise for you to understand the benefits and misgivings of certain types of flooring and the reasons for laminated flooring to be a popular choice for dance studios.

What factors should you consider before choosing the dance flooring?

Firstly, a lot of footfalls will be guaranteed on a dance floor. If you are a dance studio offering different batches of dance classes, then the flooring has to withstand continuous usage and impacts due to jumps and thumps. Plus, the flooring should cushion the dancers, so they don’t suffer any injuries due to continuous strain. The flooring should be neither too hard nor too soft. It should be the right level of bouncy, so it could absorb the energy from falls that are bound to happen on the dance floor.

Besides these dance-related requirements, dance flooring should also be durable, have a long life and should not add to your expenses with its maintenance cost.

What are the different dance flooring options available in the market?

Sports or Sprung wood flooring

The ideal dance flooring material is sprung wood flooring or called popularly as sports flooring as this material is more suitable for indoor sports flooring. It is built with resilient layers, that provides a barrier to moisture and impact, and also is sound absorbent. Since the top layer of this flooring is real wood — Beach, maple, or oak, this flooring option is generally on the higher cost range. Plus, a lot of care has to be taken to keep it protected from unwanted water spills and due to the natural wood layer, they would scratch and wear over time and will need a coating of protecting layer once every 2 years.

Laminate flooring

Considered to be a highly cost-effective and durable alternative to wooden flooring, laminates make for a great choice for dance flooring. Its availability in a variety of colors and designs ensures that your dance floor stands out of the ordinary.

Since there is a lot of options to choose from laminate flooring, it is best advised to state your requirements to the contractors, who’ll be able to suggest the best laminate option for you considering factors like impact and sound absorption, offering to cushion the dancers when they fall.

For a dance studio, the underlay of the laminate flooring is very important. Expert contractors will suggest a solid step underlay to absorb shock and sounds, prevent moisture and also create a ‘soft’ effect. They last a long time and need very little maintenance.

By choosing the right laminates and the right contractors to install the dance flooring, your responsibility to choose the right flooring for your dance floor is pretty much done.

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