Knowledge of Prepping A Plywood Sub-floor By The Laminate Flooring Company Is Crucial

It is the key to a long lasting, beautiful hardwood or laminate floor to have a well prepared sub-floor. There are few simple steps for such preparation which you can do it yourself or you can follow the flooring company whether they are doing it perfectly or not. Either ways you are benefited if you know about the process. The first step is to measure the floor area in square foot to get the accurate measurement of flooring material that you require to buy. To the estimated amount you must add around 10% extra to cope up with irregular pieces, improper math and cutting errors.

Cleaning of The Sub-floor

Mind you, all should be in accordance with the law and building code and therefore, you must know about it. If you are unsure then you should get in touch with the best and most reputed Laminate Flooring Company who is well adept with such laws. The cleaning process starts with rolling up the old carpet pad. You must pull out and remove the baseboards with the help of a hammer and pry bar. This will create a gap required for the expansion due to heat and moisture. Take care of the door as well as the door casing when you fix the underlayment, moisture barrier and plank so that all of it fits perfectly under the door.

Remove All Unwanted Materials

There may be several unwanted materials on the sub-floor and the contractor for Hardwood Flooring Calgary must remove all these so that proper gluing of the new floor to the sub-floor is facilitated. Such unwanted materials include paint, wax, oil, adhesives, different sealers and much more. All this should be removed by a sander and the debris and dust should be thoroughly vacuumed. The level of moisture of the sub-floor is also checked by using a moisture meter. All the time the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions should be followed and the results thoroughly compared to know about the right moisture limits.

Preparing The Sub-floor

Preparing the sub-floor will also depend on the surface on which it is laid. If a plywood sub-floor is laid on a concrete slab then measuring the moisture level of both the floors, repairing squeaky or loose boards, screwing the floor joists securely must be done by the Laminate Flooring Company. The underlayment should be unrolled along with the moisture barrier. You may have to cut it in longer strips but while doing ensure that no two layers overlap each other in the edges. The final trimming should be done after the floor has been installed.

Follow The Guideline

It is easy to lay a floor if it is square but for whatever be the shape you must mark a guideline on the sub-floor even if you have a square floor to run. You must mark at the center of each wall of the sub-floor; draw a line across these arks to for a cross at the center of the room. Remember, perfect measurement and laying of the sub-floor will ensure the durability of the floor and therefore enough care should be taken for it.