I use to love sports. Like really love it.

I use to be really good at fantasy sports. Not just the major ones like football, baseball, basketball, but also the minor ones like hockey, soccer, golf, horse racing. You name the fantasy sport, i played it.

But Bleu is not a big fan of sports. Thinks they are a waste of time. And she is (as always), correct. She doesn’t like it when i talk about, or watch sports anymore. So i don’t.

Last night, me and my buddy was talking about the Rams and what we can expect from their second year in LA (yay, they are back!) and Bleu caught me.. So i was forced to stop talking about them. And my buddy was confused.

So now i have to sneak around. To watch highlights i goto that bathroom and pretend to take a long crap. To watch full games… well i don’t watch full games anymore, no one has time for that. I use the Text Only extension so when i goto espn.com no pictures show up. I hate sneaking around, but i can’t get caught.

<whisper>Go Rams!</whisper>

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