Kenny G

The great and wonderful Kenny G was playing a concert here last week… and unfortunately, we didn’t realize it until it was over. Bleu was really sad. She is a huge fan of the Kenny G and have always wanted to see him in concert, she said she would totally blow on his saxophone if given the chance.

Well, being the best boyfriend that i am, i gave her that chance to blow on that saxophone. I found out that Kenny was playing his next concert in Arizona (only a couple of hours flight away)… So I sneakily bought tickets to fly to Arizona and tickets for the concert.

Needless to say, Bleu was soooooo surprised. Sooooo surprised. We also got to go backstage and meet Kenny himself afterwards, because i am a great boyfriend and got the VIP package. Where we got to meet him and touch his saxophone.

I’m so excited i might blow the saxophone as well.

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