The Beginning

Let’s start from the beginning. Before meeting Bleu Wales I was just another typical guy living in the Silicon Valley. I followed sports, played sports, hung out with my good friends, had my own place. Life was good.

I was never that good about dating. Even as all my friends were getting married, i never felt no urgency. My friends though, God bless them, were trying to help me. The signed me up for a account and showed me how it worked.

The first person I met on was.. well to be frank, quite a b*h. I mean, she wanted me to do things like get a better job, respect my talents, be more outgoing, meet new people, try new things, live outside my comfort zone.... What the EFF!! I liked my shitty dead end job and sitting quietly by myself. Who was she to try to change me?!? I like my bubble just the way it is.

Needless to say, it didn’t work out between us. Thank goodness.

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