What Colors Compliment Saltillo Tiles

Saltillo tiles have such a beauty, mainly due to how they are created. They are made in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico and are hand crafted. They come in various styles, colors, and sizes. They are made from natural clay deposits and are then formed into the size and shape the creator desires. Then they are left in the sun to dry and then placed in a cave-like structure that is similar to a very large kiln.

Due to how the tiles are created, they have irregularities such as chips, cracks, and bumps. These add character and rustic type quality to them, making them unique and beautiful.

When the tiles are placed in the kilns to be fired up, some end up overlapping so that they do not fall over during the process. In order for fires to “stay alive” they need oxygen. Before the kilns are fired up, they opening is sealed shut in order to prevent heat from escaping.

This also makes it where oxygen cannot leak inside, so the fire seeks out the next source of oxygen. It is a form of iron oxide that is in the clay tile, this causes flashing the surface of the tile. You will see variations of colors like a peach tone that is from a tile that was shielded by another, or a light buff from the flash of fire.

With that being said, being able to tell you exactly what colors are a best match or compliment Saltillo tiles is rather hard. Some of the tiles will have certain hues that look great with certain colors. There are some that have pink, orange, red, beige, and even yellow hues. So figuring out just what kind of hue you have will better help you on figuring out what colors to choose.

Now there are some really pretty contrasting colors that work great with most Saltillo tile flooring. Colors such as green, blue-gray, blue, and green-gray. These all provide the max on hue contrast.

Earthy tones work great with most red-orange hued Saltillo tiles, as well as creams and yellows as well. Sometimes a “neutral” color can work with the tiles as well, but there are times where that it would not work either.

One beautiful color combination, which is the image above, is a bright blue that is balanced out with a strong, almost burnt orange and shades of yellow. It gives an almost neutral look, but compliment beautifully with the light orange of the Saltillo tile floors. It brightens the entire room and gives it a light and airy feel to the entire room.

Sometimes, if you are not entirely sure what kind of décor or furnishings would work best with your style of Saltillo tile flooring, you could always do some research or reach out to a professional interior designer who are trained to have an eye to figure out the best.

When in doubt contact a professional, contact us today to schedule your appointment to polish your natural stone flooring or if you have any questions.


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