The Weight

The Weight doesn’t ask, doesn’t demand, doesn’t expect.

The Weight is honest. It doesn’t lie, it doesn’t deceive you.

The Weight doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care about your gender, or skin colour or accent. It doesn’t care where you come from or where you’re going, how much money you’re making or what you look like. The Weight will treat you just the same.

The Weight doesn’t love you. It’s not friend and it’s not family.

The Weight knows if you’ve been bad or good. Did you have “just one more pint”? Did you go to sleep late? Have you been skipping meals? The Weight knows. And it will make you know as well.

The Weight doesn’t judge. And it doesn’t let you judge. Your stereotypes are crushed under the squat rack. The Weight is universally fair.

The Weight is truth.

The Weight helps you find yourself, helps you pick yourself up. You lift the Weight, the Weight lifts you. You lift yourself, the Weight just is.

The Weight is whatever you choose it to be: a burden, a tool, a crutch, a weapon. The Weight just is.

The Weight is raw.

The Weight just is.

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