UX Onboarding Case Study I: Grid Diary App

Flora 원선 Baik
Sep 17, 2018 · 3 min read

I was introduced to this app by a friend through his instagram, and I am in love! I journal almost every single day, but having a consistent place has been a pain point of mine. There are several places that I resort to write notes, jot down random thoughts, and reflect on the day that just passed. These include, but not limited to, the Notes app, Evernote, Google Calendar, Word docs, and Tumblr. My daily “journaling” has been scattered in various different mediums and, therefore, it is also very hard to remember and re-read past entries.

What is it? Grid Diary is an e-diary that allows you to set up questions/templates for consistency in topic and keep all entries in one place for easy referencing in the future. Its main features are:

  • Personalize your Diary grid with templates/questions
  • Input entries in personalized grids
  • View entries & share
  • Refer back to a specific day and relive the day!

How It Works Explainer

Sign Up Process: None

Time Spent: The whole process took about 2 minutes.

Learning Curve: The tutorial is pretty easy to follow and the set up process on my own was also painless. There are a lot of Pro features that require money, which is a bit annoying but overall, there is nothing that made me frustrated or confused.

A few interesting nuggets I found…

  • Neither sections include going back and reflecting back on previous diary entries.
  • Who We Are section ends with a social sharing message disguised as “reading mode.” Not a bad way to introduce two things at once.
  • Second set of screens do not have a back button, which may be helpful for new users.
  • The onboarding does not have a “skip” or an “exit” option for those who re-downloaded the app or got a new sign-in.
  • No mention of sharing during the How We Work section.

Redesign of the Onboarding

  • Redundant information on Slide 3 with “add weather and mood” description has already been explained in slide 2
  • Introduce reading-mode on Slide 4
  • Show how to share with friends on Slide 5
  • Show how to go back to old entries on Slides 7 to 9
Link to the Prototype Here!

Why Grid Diary is better than all the other apps?

For any habit building, consistency is key. For something specific like journaling, having a separate compartment (in this case an app dedicated just for journaling) is not a bad idea. However, one layout for a journal does not fit all. Personalization is key for a user to be able to create their own templates. For calendar lovers like me, Grid Diary allows me to look back in different chunks of time and be able to time travel easily and re-live my happy days. The only thing that the Grid Diary is missing is a web version. They currently have a workaround in inputting entries via web with a barcode scanner but it requires 3 extra steps and still requires your phone to take a photo of the barcode.

P.S.: If you have any comments or suggestions on how I can better assess onboarding cases, comment below or DM me!

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