Flowers posses’ utmost importance and are of great relevance to human’s life. Birth flower symbolises the characteristics of a person born in the particular month. Every month has its own meaning and the birth flower conveys the hidden truth and fantasy about the person born in the month. Each flowers has its own meaning and relevant message with a pleasant aroma and elegance.

Every birth flowers has its own significance attached to it. Like, January month birth flower is carnations; February month birth flower is Violet and Iris; March month birth flower is Daffodil; April month birth flowers are Sweet pea and Daisy; May month birth flower is Lily from the valley; June month birth flower is Rose; July month birth flower is Larkspur; August month birth flower is Gladiolus; September month birth flower is Aster; October month birth flower is Marigold; November month birth flower is Chrysanthemum; and the last December month birth flower is Poinsettia. Each month birth flower is related to the birth of an individual born in that particular month, and in comparison with the birth month of a person these flowers are associated to the characteristics of an individual being therein. And going creative these days, florists specially prepares a bouquet in accordance to the birth month which complements the birth month flowers within and pure description attached to it. Many people around are inspired with the tradition of gifting flowers according to their birth months and the curiosity built within for the loved ones.

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