Every aspect of our societies has been transformed greatly with smartphones in particular and digital technology. This has gone beyond how people work or make communications and extends to how people demands and create romantic relationships from both far and near their location. Dating back 2005 when researches were made on online dating activities, only few Americans had this experience and could hardly speak boldly of it because of the stigma attached to it, but today, reports shows that over 15% U.S. adults use online dating services or online dating mobile apps.

Here on this article is revealed 5 facts you probably don’t known about online dating

1. Much of online dating stigma is lost and its now one among many great ways to meet people

2005 studies revealed that very few Americans had little exposure to online dating and speak awfully about it. Many people said it was a wrong way of meeting people and they can never engage in it. However, today’s studies reveal that over 15% of U.S. total adult population uses online dating. And over half of the general public either knows someone who is involved in online dating or have met a spouse or partner through online dating platform. This of course, has progressively increased positive attitudes towards online dating.

Still, many people believe that those involved in online dating is out of desperation and find it difficult to imagine someone looking for a romantic partner online… and studies reveals that about 23% of Americans support this believe. But generally, online dating has experienced a progressive cultural acceptance today than it was years back.

2. Online dating is no longer for the younger individuals only but has grown to even older adults in their 50s-60s.

Online dating services recorded about 10% singles between ages 18–24 years back in 2013. However, this figure has roughly tripled to about 28% today. Not only with the younger generation but also the older individuals sector has experienced a great increase too reporting 12% today against 6% it recorded in 2013.

One of the major factors responsible for the substantial increase in online dating with the younger individuals is their involvement in mobile dating apps use. Recent research reveals about 22% younger adults using mobile dating apps against only 5% reported in 2013.

3. One-third of individuals who have used online dating services never make it to date the person they meet online.

If you haven’t got yet what you are looking for on a dating site, it’s not you alone. Researches revealed that bout 2/3 of online daters have gone on a date with the person they met through a dating app or site.

Research conducted 2005 showed only 43% of people using online dating sites or apps have met their date and compared to 66% recorded today shows a great increase in that. Still, it shows that about 1/3 of online daters have not met with their partners for a date and you belong here if you haven’t meet him or her yet. So, you are not alone.

4. 22% of online daters have asked a friend or someone else to help them with their profile set-up or review.

Many online daters involve their friends while setting up their profile to get the best of experience. Studies shows that humans are either excellent or poor self-justifiers and therefore it’s really a forward thinking asking for help while creating a profile or review. About 30% Women ask for help in setting up their profile compared to about 16% men who have done this also.

5. Over 9% Americans who are in committed relationships or marriages reveals they met their partners online.

It’s true that the vast majority of marriages or committed relationships met offline recording about 88% without the help of online dating sites. However, committed relationships or marriages that met online have experienced a significant increase in the recent years recording about 12%. The wealth of digital tools still keeps increasing, allowing more and more people to search for potential partners.