Its hell a long time since you did cleaning?

Often, cleaning your house seems to take your whole day. That isn’t bad anyway if the cleaning is much but a few fundamental tricks and tips will do the magic and you done cleaning in just a short time. And you got a “wow!” spotless fresh living space.

Whatever be the reason why you are cleaning, maybe you expecting a guest or just ended a small indoor party with friends and they all just left leaving the mess for you, or maybe you just wish to create a tidier and well organized space, or you’re doing your end of tenancy cleaning, these few tips will help a great deal and you got your amazing and organized living space.

First to do is, “get your supplies”

Yes! You will need cleaning supplies but because you have different surfaces to do cleaning on in different rooms doesn’t say you will get varieties of supplies for different rooms. Get the best multi-purpose, paper-towel, glass cleaner, sponges if you need more than one depending on what you need washing on, a duster, multi-surface cleaning spray a Swiffer and a vacuum. You won’t need more than this for a normal cleaning.

Now you are done with your supplies selection. Next is to know which parts of your apartments need cleaning. If your whole apartment needs cleaning, don’t worry much just follow this few steps and you will do a great work in a short time.

· Start from the living room

Items in this space may belong in different room, so save the stress of running from room to room to place each items. All you need is get a container and place all items in.
 focus next on the couch. Check the cushions of pets and brush off pet hairs. Check also for food scrubs and dust on the cushions. Replace the cushions and fluff the pillows. Focus next on the coffee table and dust it off and stack back items on the table as neatly as possible.

Remove all old magazines leaving only current ones. This applies also to books. Don’t move the furniture just save your time and keep that for a better day. Anyway this is just a quick clean. Run your vacuum through the space and you are done.

Now visit your “BED ROOM”

The first thing to do in your bed room is gather all your dirty cloths. This is not time for laundry so just host them on a hamper. Do you have clean clothes that aren’t placed properly? Don’t leave them floating. Go ahead and put them in proper place either hanging or folding them in their proper place. Don’t drop them on the bed. Arrange all trash and whatever inclusive, magazines, papers or what have you and place them in the trash can. Don’t visit the closet yet just save that for later when you have enough time. Next set the bed. Do you see why I said don’t drop anything on the bed? It saves your time arranging them over again. Straighten edges, set your night stand, the shelves and your desk. This should be enough for the time however if there is anything left that seem not to have a place in the bedroom, just get them on the bin and you go over them later. Run your vacuum through when you through.

Now head straight to the “Bathroom”

I guess you have dirty clothing and towels in the bathroom so don’t bother to wash now or removing them. Just save your time and place them on the hamper.
 Gather all the trash and place them on the trash can. Wipe down the sink, tub and counters using the disinfectant cleaning spray. On the toilet, use the toilet brush and cleaner. Use the cleaning spray for the outside of the toilet and scrub the inside of the toilet. Wipe down the mirror with the glass cleaner. Are you done? If you are sure then return all items to where they are supposed to be. You can sort them later but for the time just make sure your toilet is presentable and “wow”! Just sweep the floor and you’re done.

Now you are in the “kitchen”.

If you have items belonging on other rooms in the kitchen, place them on a container and please leave it for later sorting. Clear your cupboards and countertops of all trash. If you have dirty dishes, you can wash by hand or load them on the dish-washer. You can soak your plates on the silk with warm soapy water for few minutes before washing if they have stuck-on residue while you focus first on other kitchen chores. Take care of your dishes, wipe down the appliances, countertops and sink. Mop the floor when done and remove the trash.

Whatever are your reasons, no matter your time for apartment cleaning, sometimes you will need help to keep your place well organized while you save your time for other things. This is where you need apartment cleaners’ cleaners’ to help you out. Many apartment cleaners are around you and you can always get it touch with them to get the best of service be it dusting, sweeping, changing bed sheets, mopping floors, doing laundry, vacuuming, scrubbing showers and whatever service you may need to provide a healthier environment.