I met with my PES Mentor, Devonna yesterday evening and after discussing my possible major, my interests, hobbies, and my personality she asked me about my digital project. It went something like this:

Me: As of right now I’m thinking of going into pre-med.

Devonna: Nice, That’s cool! I have two very good friends who wanted to be doctors. They are in the PES program too, and they ended up volunteering at ABBOTT medical hospital here in Minneapolis last year for their service learning. What are you doing for the digital story?

Me: uhm.. going to be a cop watcher.. starting this saturday.

Devonna: Wow! That’s awesome!

Me: *Nervously laughs

Devonna: *joins laughter. Why are we laughing?

Me: Oh because.. you know.. I’m going to be a c-o-p w-a-t-c-h-e-r. I’m scared……. *Room went silent*

Devonna: It truly does not sound like you, Daniela. Why don’t you try something that you actually like such as ABBOTT? You have to find something that you will actually enjoy. Like I was telling you, my friends volunteered there. One decided to become a doctor, the other one not so much, but because she volunteer there she got to know that medicine was not her passion.

Moral of the Story:

I am as of now undecided on my topic(Just like my major, what a surprise). I plan on contacting Andrew tomorrow and get his opinion on what to do. I feel like I will enjoy volunteering at ABBOTT but leaving CUAPB is devastating. I feel like I’m breaking a commitment. I thought about volunteering at both places, but with school, family and friends that just seems impossible. What should I do?

As of right now I’ve started the application process for ABBOTT. I feel like I will actually enjoy it and most importantly I feel like volunteering at a hospital will get me the experience necessary to know whether I actually want to major in pre-med or if that is just a fantasy of mine.

I am currently working on finishing the online orientation for ABBOTT. I really hope Andrew approves and is not too late to switch service learning projects.

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