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Let’s get real.

Whether you love your job or hate your job, you don’t want to be working forever.

Someday, you’ll drop-kick your alarm clock, then pulverize the remains in the Vitamix. To realize the dream, you’ll give frugal living a try to redouble your savings.

Then it hits you…“Savings? What savings?”

Each month is a stare-down with your credit card statement, loans, rent or mortgage, the phone bill, plus endless subscriptions whose tentacles grip your checking account like parasites.

“When did modern living become so expensive?”

Well, it doesn’t have to be. If you are willing to make changes…

You know you’re smart. You were at the top of your class in school and have a promising job. You max out your 401(k) and regularly add to a high interest savings account.

But your dream of walking away from your job by middle age, still young enough to travel or start your own business…. well, that’s starting to feel like a vacuous pipe-dream.

Some of your neighbors and colleagues are way less stressed about work (they drive to work and back while it’s still light out) but are much closer to wage independence and complete financial freedom. …

Are you getting sucked in by all the good news economic headlines?

The U.S. economy is still looking pretty darn good. Unemployment is at a 49-year low, corporate profits and GDP are up, and inflation is very close to the 2% number favored by the Fed.

You’re probably thinking, “There’s got to be a flip side, right?” Yep. Despite the rosy picture, 59% of economist surveyed by the Wall Street Journal predict a coming recession by 2020, and many feel 2019 is a toss-up.

What does this mean for the average investor? During many recessions, the share price of stocks…

(capitalize on crypto without getting taken to the cleaners).

Did you miss out on the easy Bitcoin money by not investing years ago?
I did, and it hurts.

Disruptions and market bubbles are easy to recognize, but extremely difficult to spot, and Bitcoin is the largest and fastest price escalation in recent history.

When $50 of bitcoin in 2010 will net $46 million today, when owning the coin returned 1,200% last year, the dot-com and Beanie Baby bubbles look tame by comparison.

Collective frenzy is palpable. Everyone, from developers and self-appointed experts to any-software-engineer-with-an-idea is out to get their hands on your money, promising to make you rich. …

(and got my friends back).

Between 2014 and 2015 I lost all my friends.

It happened gradually. At first, invitations became scarce, then they dried up altogether. Friends stopped calling.

I hosting holiday parties, dinners, and summer soirees on small deck. RSVPs slowed to a trickle, then stopped altogether.

Months later I figured out the problem. The people in my life grew tired of my constant belly-aching over the high cost of health insurance.

You’ve got the house, the car and the paycheck. But that’s it.

One paycheck at a time.

But if you lose your job…. what then?

Do you have that emergency fund yet… the one that you’ve thought about starting dozens of times?

Because recessions sneak up on us, and recessions have a way of making jobs and opportunities disappear. If you are not prepared, will you live on credit cards? Move into your car in the Walmart parking lot?

Most American’s don’t even have $1,000 in the bank. …


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