I’m decoding the success story of the week’s social medias posts

From Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, from retweets to comments, I summarize here the most successful achievements of Watch It! Do not hesitate to follow our accounts if you have not already done it in order to get our news.

Watch It!

👍 Top Posts of the week 👍 :

This week we decided to put forward the 2 main events for Watch It!. The first one was the launch of the channel My Surf TV. The second one was The Swinging Skirts LPGA Tour on Golf Channel. Furthermore we decided to share our posts on different Facebook pages and groups in order to reach our target fans on social networks.

Golf Channel:

We created 3 specials posts for the Swinging Skirts LPGA Tour : The best Taiwanese women’s golf tournament. The first one was a 360° picture of a golf court in Taiwan, The second one was a 3D GIF and the last one a video trailer of the program. You can discover the others posts on our Facebook Page.

My Surf TV :

We created a special post for the launch of this channel in correlation with My Surf TV’s programs. The idea is to vote with the Facebook’s reactions for our favorite surf trip. Then we shared this post on Facebook Surf fan’s group in order to reach our target. You can still vote bellow👇

Twitter & Instagram:

Our weekly main topic :

We decided to talk about a different theme each week in correlation with Watch It!’s Channels. The aim of this process is to seduce and target a typical user profile. The targeting “Fight & Cars” has been really efficient, the posts collected more than 300 likes in total.


Each week you can discover the best SnackGames’ trailers on our Facebook Page ! This week we decided to put forward the game Robinson Crusoe.
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Brand discovery :

  • Reach : 190 200
  • Unique viewers : 48 000
  • New followers : 1161

Brand awareness :

  • Persons who saw the brand Watch It : 26 400
  • Video view rate : 22,5%
  • 1st Watch It! logo view rate : 55%
  • Packshot view rate : 12%

Usage :

  • Sessions on the website : 100
  • Average page viewed per session : 7,53
  • Average time per session : 3,01 mn

Here ends the presentation of our 2.0 week. Don’t forget to comment, like and retweet our different posts!
See you next week for more beautiful successes :)