Is living-in now a good idea because ‘it’s 2017’? A Reply To Nadine Lustre
Anna Cosio

Why Ms. Lustre needs to be “open-minded” enough to consider sociologists’ findings regarding the effects of “living-in”. Why will she not have happy marriage because of cohabitation? Why will she live according to your standard, cultural context, and according to the findings of sociologists? How she wants to live is her business and not your business.

If you are saying that Ms. Lustre has no sense of responsibility, no sense of accountability to God, she is reckless and imprudent; what about you? She may not be as good as you in communicating her thought in English or Tagalog. Ms. Lustre failed to communicate her thought or she has wrong choice of words according to your speaking style and expectation but she should not be humiliated. All our comments are based on personal context molded by culture we fit in. What is suited for her may not be suited for you. WELCOME TO THE HUMAN RACE.