One of the best sitcoms ever. But there are very few people who agree with me in this. But still for me, it is one of the best series ever.

People judge a book by its cover and this is true. People saw the first episode and started judging the show. First episode was a teaser to show what the series has to offer, but it had its depths too. It did not only mean to show naked ladies and Hank Moody f***ing around. It was to show the love between him and Karen .

The entire story revolved around unconditional love but I am sure many people did not even get to that point. Hank Moody always wanted to do things right, but he always ended up being judged and being the bad person, which apparently happens with good people. Still it did not deter him to stop doing right things.

The story only does not revolve around Hank Moody and Karen’s relationship but also other relationships in there like friendship and humanity in general. The relationship between a father and daughter. Many believe that the daughter was the holding point for Karen and Moody’s relationship but their bond was stronger than that. Even after all the qualms and separation, they made it to their final destination.

Overall, it was a sweet love story but the way it was deciphered by people was like raping a whore.


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