Another way of seeing modern design

Current design is meant not to try to make it understandable by looking like something “real” and material.

I think that a great solution can be to combine both and I’ve tried to show this idea in two apps:
- Daily is simply my best app. It feels extremely natural, it is intuitive, fast and beautiful. Flipping between articles is actually the thing I’m speaking of: It’s modern and flat design combined with the feeling of a news paper = combined with something “real” and material.
- Writecase has a gorgeous writing part: It looks like a sheet of paper, still is it a card. Displaying a beautiful and flat card looking like paper makes Writecase special and look beautiful.

However, it’s just an idea and I was probably not the first to come across this. But, as I haven’t read it anywhere so far, I wanted to share it.

Good night now.

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