Great podcasts for tech entrepreneurs

Podcasts are amazing. They are a fantastic opportunity to learn new things, mold your critical thinking and reflect on what you’re doing. Although, they’re not yet quite as popular as they should among tech entrepreneurs.

Quite often I end up recommending a few of them and thought I’d save everyone’s time (including mine) and share them here instead.

This week in startups

Starting with the obvious, feels like I shouldn’t even have to introduce this one. More than 500 episodes, hosted by jason, some of the most well knows entrepreneurs and investors in the US: Reid Hoffman, David Sacks, Peter Thiel, Ann Wojcicki, Ryan Hoover, Tim O’Reilly, Anne Wojcicki, Fred Wilson, Des Traynor… the list goes on. Get on board, now ;)

The Reboot Podcast

Stories of success are all over the place, especially in podcasts. This can creates availability biases with dangerous side-effects. Reboot is unique, because it focuses on something different, that we don’t hear quite often enough. In the show, Jerry Colonna and his team explore the emotional and psychological challenges faced by entrepreneurs, CEO’s and startup leaders. Do yourself a favor, start listening ;)

Design Details

More than ever, design matters, especially in tech. As an entrepreneur you probably don’t need to learn the craft, but developing a strong acumen for it will inevitably become valuable to you. Just listening to a few episodes should already give you a strong feeling about design and the state of the art in 2015. Hosted by Brian Lovin & Bryn Jackson.

Obviously, this list is nowhere from exhaustive, many more should be included. This could be for next time. In the meantime, if you enjoyed it, let me know by hitting the recommend button.

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