Friday the 13th

I was in my teenage years when I first heard about it. Telltales about it have spread throughout the world. People are advised to be cautious in this particular day for accidents are more likely to occur. I have a belief about it in the first years after knowing, in complete vigilance until the day ends, but became flippant in the later years.

There were nothing catastrophic that occurred until now. I was shocked and at the same time nervous about the incident. A motorcycle bumped into another motorcycle; one was injured, had his head stitched; the other was perfectly fine. One person in question was my father, the latter, which was a relief. And another thing to be grateful of is the fact that the other person isn't severely injured. Praise God.

Because of the incident, I am now considering the fact that maybe it's true; that accidents are more likely to occur at this day. Well I am not saying no accidents happen each day, which is, obviously not. What I'm implying is that each of us should be watchful everyday especially this day perhaps to spare ourselves from any accidents. We don't know who will be involved nor don't know when it will be. No one knows. That is why it is called accident, right? Let's all be cautious at all times. And of course, pray before you start your day.

To the thing that happened today. Thank you God it wasn't serious.

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