Interaction Design

What is interaction design? To understand the process of interaction design we must first know the meaning. The book About face 3: the essentials by Alan Cooper describes it as “the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.” Interaction design is essentially about fulfilling the wide array of users needs for a certain product.

Users who are affected by the subject and ways to data collect.

What did I do?

Brainstorming ideas for the app.

The app that I created was a animal census app for urban areas. To begin I had to brainstorm who the users of the products were going to be and how they might be able to provide information that is clear and concise for scientist but easy to submit. Another important aspect to this brainstorming was how the users were going to be able to feel rewarded. We wanted users to keep coming back, and to solve this I added a rewards program where they earned points. A certain amount of points where going to give you gift cards and coupons. The next step was to create the interface for the application. I wanted to have a home screen where the user has all the options clearly laid out. The next step was making a submit area that was easy and quick to fill out, I wanted user to be able to quickly submit without frustration. And since there may be errors people also had the option to go back to past submissions and correct and see what they had previously added.

Prototyping video.

My Experience- Overall this process was very interesting. I think that some of the things were overall straightforward but there were some aspects of the process that made it a little difficult. The rewards program was a little bit of a challenge as it was hard to decide how exactly to reward the user. The only question I had was how I was going to design the interface so that it’s easy to use for everyone.

Working on navigation for app.

What did I like? There were many aspects of this project that I liked but, my favorite has to be making the layout of the application and how it was going to look like. I feel that the interface was really important if I wanted people to come back and use the it again. I really enjoyed putting it together because it made me think of different possible solutions for a wide amount of users.

Applications of Interaction Design- Citizen science is one that comes to mind immediately because of the direct correlation. App building in general has a huge impact in this. Apps that show information to users like a weather app or a maps app where users really engage with the interface to find useful information. This is where its important to build a platform where users feel comfortable with the options and can quickly navigate without frustration.

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