Panel 2 Report

One of the presenters for the panel report was Jacob Fleisher and much of his talk was devoted to taking about sketching. He emphasized the importance of the idea of sketching because of it’s importance in conveying what you see, it allows the person to have notes that show you what you saw in addition to having words. Something that is important is the idea that you have to make products the way people want them. The idea behind ideation is to brainstorm and sketch solutions to problems and he really stressed that point, that was something I really took away. He also mentioned that experience is key. He said that because of his experience he ended up working at Blink UX even though he got a degree in German at first.

Katie had a presentation where she talked all about what she has done to get to the point she is now at. I really liked that she shared some experiences. One that immediately comes to mind is the one where she uses her wall to connect all the points of her research. She mentioned that she was doing her dissertation and it would be something people would experience.

After listening to these projects I really would like to look over my work more and see what could improved. Also I think to be more aware of things before starting my deliverables. Another thing would be to sketch things a lot more Jacob really emphasized this and I will try to implement this more in my work but also on my own time.

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