Panel Report

What did you learn? From the design prototyping I learned that many of the things done in order to make the app work correctly and how they fixed certain parts of the problems. One problem they had was that the time shown on the app was not very consistent in the beginning and that confused a lot of users. One aspect of the app that stood out to me was that one bus away app had a really bad interface on it and that also made that app hard to use.

What did you learn? What I learned from the usability testing was that it was important to redo the testing if you think something was wrong. It was good to do the test many times in order to get solid results. I also learned that usability testing in websites is extremely important because it allows users to be able to find what they want and in turn making them more likely to buy something. Something that stood out to me was that they used in house testing as well as testing done through someone's home on their own computer.

What would you modify? After hearing from these professional projects the most important thing I learned is that it is almost more important to worry more about the user because they are the ones that really get affected and are using the product more frequently. Another thing that I learned that was that it’s okay to redo test in order to get better results. One thing I would modify is to keep both the user and product in mind as they go hand in hand. I would also maybe test things myself to see if I can figure out my own product.

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