Usability Testing

“The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to complete specified tasks with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use.”- ISO

Refrigerator used for testing.

What did we do? For usability testing we were assigned to test the usability of a refrigerator. We chose to use the commercial refrigerator in one of the markets. Our group was trying to decide what the major flaws of our refrigerator had. We also tried to come up with what made the users frustrated. After we decided on that our group went on to design the test. We chose to see if the way of opening the fridge, choosing to grab a certain product off the shelve was easy. We had trouble trying to decide how we were going to rate the usability so that it would the same across all participants.

Our group deciding what we were going to test.

M y experience. I had a very good experience doing this testing. People usually where cooperative during the testing. I really liked that our group chose to do it in a setting where it felt real. I felt users felt more like it was a reflection of their times going to the market rather than just an experiment. One question this did raise was how to really know how usable this refrigerator. Maybe using a number scale was not the best for this project. One of the biggest problems that we faced was choosing more difficult task for our testers to do since it most of the task where pretty simple.

W hat did I like? I really liked that I was able to moderate one of the test. It was also good that we went out in a real life setting and not in a room. This made the testing much more real and a lot more fun to do. I think that overall I liked testing things and seeing what people think of them. This was also a pretty real example of what it was like. I also liked that our participants were varied and that made it better because it was different with everyone.

Agreeing on test and places for testing.

P laces used? This is used specifically when there is new products that are going to be released to the market. Our Teaching Assistant Kerem had a great example of this when he showed us his real life example testing he did for a company. Another was the presenter that came to class showed us how Nordstrom used this for testing websites and making sure users knew what they were looking for and how easy it was to navigate through websites.