User Research Process Blog

This week we did user research. So you might think to yourself what is user research well defines it as trying to understand the needs of user by observing.

Brainstorming practices in common areas.

What did I do? To begin I first began by trying to think of what thing people do in a market. Basically common things that happen things like buying something, standing in line, these are called practices. This was my first step, after thinking of some practices I went to a market and looked at common things people did, while doing this I sketched and took notes of interesting things people did. I then proceeded to identify what problems people faced during their time at the market.

Writing practices for certain areas.

My experience- This whole process was really cool because it allowed you to see how people use products. It was also nice to see where their were flaws. I think that observing in a market was very nice too because it allowed for looking through a lot of people and what behaviors they exhibited. Something that surprised me was how things like lines really affected people when they lines were crowded. Something that was hard to do was trying to not be obvious while trying to take notes on people inside the market. Based on my findings I might want to find a better place to observe people. This is important because if people see that you take notes their behavior will not be the same as when no one was taking notes. It allows you to find more flaws in certain product.

Is user research important? User research is extremely important because it allows you to see where people have issues, if you wanted to see how to make the best use of the space in the library for example you would go and watch people and see what you could change in the tables or the organization.

I think that one has to realize that your past experiences and ones thoughts really affect your observations. In the end I think that my past experiences did not really affect my observations because everything I saw was pretty normal and expected especially in the place I observed. But that also could impact my observations because those things that are normal could be important and me not realizing that could affect my notes.

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