Dear Dabawenyo friends, we’re not voting for Duterte, but we don’t hate Davao City
Arnold Gamboa

In the Norden Part of the Country Philippines, to mention Arnoold Gamboa. You have had a wrong intuation regarding Duterte. He has a good Political polentials, to be as President . He graduated in Ateneo University and Bachelor of Law in Harvadian University. Services rendered Davao City he doesn´t even plan of candidating as Presedent he was just forced to ….Yes , Crime is every- where ,,,even abroad, but Duterte is just the only one who could change the old laws because he is a mann with Honor. He had a chance to be rich but, he prepared to live in simplicity. He had served Davao faithfully and heartedly.

Many judged him, because he killed. Yes, he did., But,after 3 Warnings. like pushers, killers, Robbers. … because , if these Persons did and did after several warnings, its just Government expenses, its Peoples money,wasted.

If you put these Person in Jail you have to spend for his impresonment, As I knew him he is preparing to help the needy ones ,than criminals.

if you are criminals and pushers don´t vote for him. You don´t deserve his

humanitary services.

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