Im März hatten wir viel Grund zur Freude — ein zweitägiger Aufenthalt in Berlin, der Besuch der Jahresauftaktkonferenz der DENEFF und dann auch noch der Perpetuum Nachwuchspreis 2017!

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Refit is a popular Library for C# to make comfortable HTTP requests.
But with all the black magic that is happening in the background, it is difficult to see what is happening behind the scenes.

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Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash

That when you need this handsome logger:

Just started the 200 GB backup of your hard drive. Estimated duration: 5 hours. You leave the PC and come back in the evening — expecting a completed backup. But what you find looks completely different — the PC is in standby mode and the backup was canceled.

This situation is probably known to many Windows users: You started a long-lasting task and got up from your PC. After 20 minutes, the PC goes into standby mode — stops your downloads, backups or video rendering.

But the mess doesn’t end here: Even your Spotify playlist or your romantic binge watching can be interrupted by windows’ sleep mode. The probably most embarrassing moment is when your screen turns back during your presentation in front of your client. Now you want to disable the standby mode but even that is too complicated and you need to google a tutorial. …


Florian Baader

CEO @SelectCode and passionate Coder 💻

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