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Florian Baader
May 17 · 3 min read

Just started the 200 GB backup of your hard drive. Estimated duration: 5 hours. You leave the PC and come back in the evening — expecting a completed backup. But what you find looks completely different — the PC is in standby mode and the backup was canceled.

This situation is probably known to many Windows users: You started a long-lasting task and got up from your PC. After 20 minutes, the PC goes into standby mode — stops your downloads, backups or video rendering.

But the mess doesn’t end here: Even your Spotify playlist or your romantic binge watching can be interrupted by windows’ sleep mode. The probably most embarrassing moment is when your screen turns back during your presentation in front of your client. Now you want to disable the standby mode but even that is too complicated and you need to google a tutorial.

It seems like the sleep mode is not that good.

“I’ll turn it back on later anyway.” — No, you won’t!

One situation has caused me to lose my temper: No matter if you sit on the sofa and play music on your PC or play a YouTube video, after 20 minutes there is a forced entertainment break. That’s it!

That situation happened three years ago. I had the urgent wish to solve this problem, which consists since Windows 95 — so I grabbed two of my best friends and we started prototyping. During school, we have won several prices like the federal environment price for our idea. In university, we decided to take our little tool to the next level and reimplemented the whole idea with fresh code and a neat UI. Today we can proudly say: Econap is ready to help fight the climate change.

Econap is now ready to monitor your pc. Most of the time you’ll only see the green leaf in the taskbar — that means that your work is protected.

If you press CTRL+ALT+P, the so-called presentation mode will be enabled. You won’t get any interruptions like a black screen until you disable it again.

Econap is made to be as customizable as possible, that means that every detail of the detection and the delays can be configured. If you want to learn more about the process, you can take a look here.

With Econap, you can leave your PC without the fear of your work getting interrupted — and you can save energy without even doing anything.

We already saved more than 30 years of otherwise wasted uptime. With more than 30.000 downloads in 60 countries in the world, 10 tons of CO were saved in the last 3 months.

usage of Econap around the globe

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Download your free copy now on our homepage and maybe buy the plus version to support the further development. And if you have any feedback feel free to contact us.

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