The problem of organization !

I’m a french young tech entrepreneur who want to speak about Life, tech and organization.

This is the first post of a series which speak about Life organization. Not an another post about « What is the best routine at 6A.M» but focus on «I’m plan to travel with my friends, how can organize that ?» or the famous «Darling, take some Orange juice when you go to Walmart !» and you completely miss the orange juice.

I don’t know if it’s the case for you, but for me, it’s a really complicated thing to stay organize with my friends or girlfriend. I use SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, Tribe and Todoist in my personal life and this is a disaster. A group is created on Messenger to plan the next trip, during two or three day, we speak about the trip, the week end go on and after we speak about our drunk’s friend during the last party in the same conversation. And every week, it’s the same thing. And after some day, month, we missed all the important information.

I use Slack at work. It’s wonderful, but did you ever tried to use it with friend or wife? First reaction : I don’t want to signup in another platform. Second reaction: I known nobody. Third : What ? I need to signup in Trello to use todolist ?!!! WTF !!! Slack is trully amazing but at work, not with your friends (or I don’t have the good friends).

So, the main goal of this posts series is to find idea or some good messaging app to organize yourself, event with your friends or your life with your wife. Because, I’m thing this problem is a really big one and nothing exists today to solve it. Just a set of tools. Not a unique tools.

In the next post, I will speak about what tools I use and what the perfect tools should do.

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