Binding your views like a pro in 2 minutes.

Since Kotlin 1.4.20, JetBrains deprecated the kotlin-android-extensions plugin in favor of Android View Binding solution.

If you have been using this plugin, it’s time to move on before this feature is completely removed (or switch to Compose?).

For having completely refactored our Android application to use View Binding, we know that it can be somehow painful and sometimes it looks less simple with this new solution. For example, the binding of your view will have to be done differently if you’re working with an Activity or a Fragment. …

Tips & recipes for KTS build files

Kotlin, like a boss. Discover our rabbit.

Kotlin build scripts have clear advantages over Groovy like having auto-completion support and writing custom Gradle tasks becomes easier as it is in the same language as your source code. Kotlin everywhere!

We’re not going to describe how to convert a whole project using Groovy to use Kotlin instead — a lot of articles already describe step-by-step how to do it.

This article will provide you some tips to improve your build files and make the configuration of your projects easier.

Convert your project to use Kotlin script files

To use Kotlin build script files, you first need to create a build.gradle.kts

How to make a deep clean of your Android Studio & Gradle junk files to fix up the mess.

Do you know that when you’re updating your Android Studio, Gradle or even dependencies, some old files are still present on your machine and can waste some disk free space?

On our laptops, disk space is limited and clearing those files will make you gain a lot of free space available. Having too many junk files may also slow down your machine and your builds!

In my case, I was also having strange build errors or gradle sync failures when it was working on my colleague’s machine.

It was time to do some deep cleaning and put our Android Studio…

For security reasons, some applications block users who’ve made modifications to the system. Let’s explore how those applications do this.

I am root

The root on Android is like jailbreak ☠️ on iOS but far more powerful. Usually, iOS users jailbreak their devices to install unofficial applications. On Android, it’s feasible without root by checking an option in the security parameters 🔐.

The root is a modification of the system that allows the user to execute commands with root privileges, same as on Linux systems.

On Android, the root brings a lot of possibilities by giving all the rights on the device to the user. With it you can:

  • Uninstall preinstalled bloatware apps
  • Install a custom version of Android (or custom ROM) like…

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