What happens when you give a neural network some board game rules?

Generative Board Games cover art

The Idea

At some point, Julius had the idea to train a neural network with some board game rules to see what happens. Fast forward two months or so, and Generative Board Games happened.

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👋 Intro

The GPT-2 model from OpenAI is already a pretty solid text generation AI.
It can create text by predicting the next word from a huge set of words. Think of it as the three words above your keyboard on your smartphone but much more sophisticated.
Originally set consisted of 40GB of internet text but due to concerns the project team released a much smaller model.

DISCLAIMER: this article was laying around for quite some time now. Some of the content may or may not be outdated.

The Problem

I think everybody knows when living in a flat, be it in a shared apartment, alone or together with your SO, you have to do stuff and if you don’t fulfil said stuff, trouble will eventually come to you.

Florian Porada

creating heart- and software. Currently working @ move-lab.com

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