Entrepreneurs can use MAVA to find the VCs they should pitch to in order to raise the money they need.

Introducing MAVA: the Map of Active VCs in Southeast Asia

Justin Hall at Golden Gate Ventures calls it “The rise of Holy Shit Money:” a billion $ ready to be invested in technology startups across Southeast Asia.

Show me the money!

There I am, hunting down this billion dollars. By aggregating data from Jon Russell (The Next Web), who says there has never been so many VCs around, Terence Lee (Tech In Asia), who listed VCs, and the super useful Meng Map of the Money PDF created by JFDI.asia’s Meng Weng Wong, MAVA is born.

MAVA allows entrepreneurs to search for VCs that fit their needs: select the amount you want to raise and MAVA identifies the VCs able to sign a cheque as big as you need. MAVA also highlights whether VCs are active and provides additional info about VCs so entrepreneurs can go and pitch to the ones best able to help them.

Uncovered: US$975m of capital ready to fund startups

While it’s estimated that US$ 620m of capital is available right now — just sitting around, waiting to find its way into startups’ bank accounts — there is an additional US$ 350m on the way. There we are, a billion dollars!

Now, as an entrepreneur, all this money is not for you. Each VC has a sweet spot: investment amounts, geographic areas and sectors they like to invest in.

The chart on the left shows how much capital is available (left axis) based on the investment amount (or amount to be raised, depending on which side of the table you are on)

For instance, an entrepreneur wanting to raise US$ 1m can tap into a pool of around $500m, or $800m when the “soon to be available” capital is taken into account. All this from just 18 VCs (see chart below).

If you are an entrepreneur seeking to raise US$ 5m, you can talk to 10 VCs managing close to $400m ($300m available, $60m available soon).

With US$ 310m plus 180m available for deals of $5m+, we can expect 25 to 100 US$5-20m Series A rounds of in the next 2-3 years! (At least, as more capital might join the fun along the way).

It’s an exciting time to be a technology startup in Southeast Asia!

These numbers are destined to change, partly because investments are being made every few days, reducing the amount of capital available, and partly because MAVA’s data has a 100% probability of not being fully accurate: it’s a work in progress based on public information and estimates. Your help is needed to refine MAVA (click the “HELP” tab on MAVA’s spreadsheet to contribute). In the meantime, please excuse any inaccuracies.

Enough talk, go and explore MAVA.

Nov 2015: More than US$2bn available for tech startup investments in Southeast Asia + India

Jan 11th, 2015: 142 deals involving 178 VCs for $8bn in Q4 2014: https://medium.com/@floriancornu/its-raining-money-catch-it-with-mavas-jan-2015-edition-1600c842efd4

October 17th, 2014: Malaysia-based investors such as Cradle, Kathrein Ventures and Qeerad added.

MAVA is updated regularly. Check which version you are viewing by clicking the ‘HELP’ tab or check the header at the top of any other tab.
Each update brings you more VCs and better data.

As at October 8th, 2014, MAVA is in its version 1.3.1.
Version number and update date is also at the top of every tab.
MAVA’s spreadsheet (33% zoom). Lots of data is presented to help entrepreneurs find a suitable VC. No worries, there is a simplified version

Disclosure: some entities mentioned in MAVA are related to the author: the author is co-founder of Flocations, a startup incubated by JFDI.asia and funded by SingTel Innov8 and TNF Ventures. The author is also Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Majuven.

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