Map of the Money now shows 100+ active investors in Singapore

Map of the Money, now including 100+ investors and three filters, including stages and vehicles.

Map of the Money benefits the ecosystem

Mighty Bear’ Simon Davis
DataStreamX Mike Davie
Golden Gate Ventures Michael Lints
Rakuten Ventures Adit Swarup

What we learned from last version

  • Large funds closed: B Capital I (USD 360M), Vickers V (USD 230M), Vertex III (USD 210M), Insignia I (USD 100M)
  • VC focus on specific vertical: Play Ventures (Gaming), ID Capital (Food), New Protein (Food)
  • Larger maiden Ventures firms have been launched such as Insignia Ventures Capital I (USD 100M), Kejora I (USD 80M), Vynn Capital I (USD 40M), Play Ventures I (US 30M), Golden Equator I (USD 29.4M). As well as nano funds: AA Ventures I (USD 1.8M) & Hub Fund I (USD 0.7M)
  • Second Funds have been publicly launched such as NSI II (USD 125M) and 500 Durians II (USD 50M)
  • Ventures Capital firms closed their second funds: Jungle Ventures II (USD 100M), Gree Ventures II (USD 67M), Wavemakers Partners II (USD 66M), Golden Gate Ventures II (USD 60M)
  • Corporates still very active with new entrants: such as Aviva, DBS, Naspers, Oracle, ViA ID and Woh Yup
  • While in the previous Map of the Money we reported the arrival of American VCs, it’s now the time for more European investors to reach the region like IDinvest, Partech and Via ID
  • More education for investors is becoming available such as INSEAD x 500 Startups and AngelCentral
  • For branding purpose four funds changed their names: DMP became Cento, Unitus became Patamar Capital, IMJ rebranded to Spiral, Infocomm became SGInnovate
  • Money is not enough, VCs start to provide strategic support. Funds such as 500 Startups, Golden Gate Ventures and Sequoia are offering it to their portfolio companies

New features to raise better, faster, stronger

  • Accuracy of the data: the Map of the Money team verifies all the data shown on the map. Data which can not be verified is marked as estimate only. The accuracy filter allows entrepreneurs to focus on verified data to reach VCs they are most informed about.
  • Stage of investment: To find investors matching the stage of development of their company, entrepreneurs can now focus on Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C and Growth investors.
  • Vehicle: The structure of an investor implies different decision process, timing and terms, so entrepreneurs can now filter to find the right match.

What’s next




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Florian Cornu

Florian Cornu

Giving businesses the visibility they need to grow — Future Flow

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