OCBC2Xero: the manual, but easy, way to import OCBC transactions into Xero

** Update Feb 27th, 2016: Now offering templates for more banks thant just OCBC, the file is renamed Bank2Xero **

From making it basically impossible for entrepreneurs to get credit cards to providing online banking services that Champollion would have failed to decipher, Singaporean banks are not known for making their customers’ lives easy*.

Add to this the fact that Xero has not released feed integration for Singaporean banks** and that’s dozens of entrepreneurs and SMEs who have to go through the stress-inducing experience of manually importing transactions.

Luckily, there’s a spreadsheet for that: Bank2Xero:OCBC ***

The instructions work best with Google Chrome, where the drag-and-drop of the OCBC csv exported file to the Google Sheet can be done without leaving the browser window.

I hope import feeds will be available in Xero soon, but in the meantime this template should make the OCBC to Xero import easier for some entrepreneurs.

Credits: photo by B Rosen.

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