Being REALLY productive [Self experiment]

My newest experiment starts today. To give you a little bit of background what it is and why I’m going to do that? Back in August, I read a really cool book called “The Productivity Project” and I liked how Chris (the author) talked about the whole topic and his holistic approach on how to improve productivity.

Why do I want to become more productive?

Over time, I learned that I’d like do to a lot in my life. I like people, I like traveling, I like race driving, I like spending time with friends and family & I like being a good CEO — helping and supporting my team to develop in the best way (and also be successful by the end of the day to “pay the bills” as a company). So far, so good and hell yes, we made it and grew a company to 180 people from all over the world and with a really cool culture and so on. Unfortunately, you also learn (or at least you should learn) that you as a human being are not infinitely scaleable. You just have 24 hours a day and, as some of you might know, I also changed my sleeping behaviors a lot and increased sleep time to at least 7 hours on a normal day — not including some party nights or weekends ;-) — and since then, I was not sick anymore and also have more power than ever before. But back to the topic and what I read was quite interesting: It was about the most productive times in your day. I’m sure everybody had at some time the feeling, like “Wow, I got a lot of s*hit done in the last 1–2 hours!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have this feeling each day, or at least way more often than now?

Sure it would be. It’s known that everybody is different and some people are early birds, the other ones are night owls, but everyone of us has these time windows where we are just more productive (at least I believe in that). What Chris wrote is that it’s not necessarily easy to find your “windows,” because we are all a little bit cheaters and use caffein, nicotine, alcohol and other substances to influence our hormones or trick our body a little bit. Therefore, it’s important to get a clean and “influence free” body & mind.

This is actually my October challenge: I won’t drink any alcohol, I won’t drink any caffein, I don’t smoke anyway and I’d like to avoid sugar as much as possible — and also no processed food. Additionally, I’ll turn off almost all notifications for my smartphone and notebook. For some of you, this might sound super easy, but you have to know that even though I never did coffee, I’m having my 2–3 Sugarfree Red Bulls a day. No, please don’t tell me that aspartamine is not healthy and I got it. This is definitely my biggest challenge, because I just like the taste and the smell of the drink a lot. The second hardest one might be alcohol, but not because I’m an alcoholic (and I usually don’t drink anything during the week), but there are always professional events or weekends with friends and so on… You get it.

After 10 days, I’ll start keeping a simple notebook to try to figure out at which time during the day I’m feeling really productive. I hope by the end of the month, I’ll have a way better feeling that, for example, 10am — 11 am is a productive time for me and/or 4pm — 5pm as well. In a perfect world, in the future, I would use my prime time windows for very important tasks (that perhaps require super high focus or creativity) and not for recurrent meetings where I might be misusing very valuable energy.

I’ll keep you posted about my experiment and now I have even more pressure to deliver thanks to you all (and that was also partially the reason why I posted this one public for all of you)!



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