Being a doer vs. being a plan-to-doer

When it comes to task-management we’ve become quite successful over the last couple of years. florianmatthias is a small yet flexible team — one of our strengths — with only Regina working for us part-time and an on-off intern every now and then. However we do rather big projects for rather big clients and needed to find ways to cope with a lot of work in parallel. Our project management got better over the years but what we’re really good at is getting shit done. We found our personal ways to deal with large amounts of tasks for multiple projects at a time. What we’ve come up with may sound simple and fundamental but establishing it as a way of thinking, behaviour and action took us quite a while.

We like to think of us as doers. For us there is a significant difference between planning and talking about doing tasks and acutally doing them. It’s easy to have plans and ideas that you want to accomplish, but it’s another story entirely to actually go through with them.

This also has to do with a good portion of realism. We used to plan-to-do even more sideprojects and ideas along our actual client work that weren’t quite realisitc. But you can’t do everything, right?

The solution that got us there is to use a plain old paper notebook where we write down our tasks and check them off once they’re done — and we literally write down every yet so little task we have to do, from writing E-Mails to doing phone calls. If a task seems to be overwhelming we break it down into smaller tasks that are easier to fulfill.

For us there is nothing more beautiful than having checked off a lot of todos at the end of the day — that is how we also validate a successful day and how we keep ourselves motivated. The more checks the better. This action-driven thinking allows us to keep going forward and gain momentum.

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