How we improve

We constantly try to improve ourselves — be it businesswise or in personal aspects. Being in a field where technology and competitors constantly evolve we have to keep up. This is why we came up with the idea of doing small workshops with professionals from various fields of expertise in our office just for our very own team. Those workshops are either related to current projects we’re working on or things we wanna learn eagerly and understand for future tasks. If we’re able to pair the workshop with a client project it’s financially covered by our project expenses. Besides conferences and lectures that we mostly attend while on business trips this little inhouse format helps to learn new skillsets and expand our knowledge in various fields more efficiently.

Besides a social media workshop last year we did a SEO workshop with a truly skillful expert when it comes to online marketing and all kinds of SEO related stuff. We learned how search engines work, what it takes for websites and webcontent to be found, how content has to be structured and how we can use the latest web-technology in favor of this concepts. Even though our webdesign and development work has always been aimed towards function and not design, we now see our industry in a different kind of light — our principle on webwork that helps our clients reach their clients has now gotten even stronger.

This february we had a really great workshop with a good friend on product and portfolio photography. Having the skills to shoot our projects with as little effort as possible in our own office was our main focus as well as to learn how to stage and showcase some of our work in the most visually inspiring way. Stefan helped us define our own little agile and versatile process when it comes to shooting for our portfolio.

We constantly strive to find ways of improving performance and processes in our office so we’ll keep up this workshop format for sure. On our list for this year are workshops with a professional lawyer that helps us understand how to deal with not so charming clients and a workshop on rhetorics and presentation techniques.

And when it comes to improvement there is always a lot of failure. Failure sucks, but it’s absolutely necessary to creating valuable learning experiences. We never play it safe. We take risks in our projects, fail often and learn something every time we stumble. We soon realized that these “failures” lead to some of the greatest projects so far.

If you know about any interesting workshop material for us, please feel free to share.

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