I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup
Penny Kim

Thanks for sharing this!

I got scammed in a similar way 3 years ago. A founder with a good track record, a promising project, an opportunity to move to the US (from France). All this was like I dreamt about it, I sold everything in Paris, took a couple of flights tickets (For Visa reason I had to come back to France to visit the embassy).

When I took the plan to SF, I was overly excited and was looking forward living one of my dream.

Fast-forward 2 months later, I ended up getting scammed, visa weren’t showing any progress, I didn’t get paid for 2 months (succeeded to get back some money later on but couldn’t fill a complain due to the tourist visa at this point) and had my US dream crushed by someone just wanting the fame and big money to enjoy his life.

I headed back to Paris where I took the decision to move to Berlin and leave behind the American dream…

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