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How does a human get smarter? How exactly do we upgrade from version 1.0 into version 2.0 of ourselves? It’s the central question I ask in my book ‘how to learn anything 3 times faster’. One of the central, unchallenged yet very popular ideas on education is that each subject, each human skill, is very different. So teaching different skills is also very different. When we learn to dance, we follow a very different path than if we were learning say: math or French or swimming.

But what if that is actually an illusion? What if the structure, the deep underlying process of how humans learn is actually singular? One process, always the exact same steps, no matter the subject, no matter who the student is. What if all of us follow the exact same steps every time?

Could somebody, an expert in this one process, teach every single subject on the planet just by knowing this one structure? It would change the role of teachers in an unexpected way, making them more like a guide along the path. Pointing a student in the right direction whenever they get stuck. Able to show them what the next steps should be in any situation, with any skill.

Can you imagine it?

This is what I’ve been doing with my Extreme Learning Master course for a while now. Using Extreme Learning (the universal learning strategy) and teaching others, showing them its actually possible, not just to learn anything 3 times faster, but also to teach anything 3 times faster.

So how does it work?

The shortest way I’ve found to explain it so far is this:

What if I told you that you have a secret power in your mind, like a secret switch that you can flip on and off. Lets call it the Blue switch for now. Over your life, you have actually already used it a bit, but chances are high that you never consciously noticed it. Because there is another process, a second switch. Lets call it the red switch, and this particular switch you are already very familiar with, you use it every day, all the time. Only rarely, every once in a while have you used the blue one, but it’s as of it was by accident, because you had no way to tell the difference between the two.

So what is this red switch?

The red switch, the power you are using all the time, every day of your life, is the power of adoption. It works based on instruction. On the first day of school in your life, you started a journey that is almost completely based on instructions. It started small, with simple tasks and as you got older, it got more and more complex, but the essence remained the same: more and more sets of instructions, ever more complex, but instructions all the same!

When we look at an average human mind, what we see is a splendid beautiful machine that is simply incredible at interpreting and following instructions.

But there is another power. It’s the blue power of Extreme Learning and it works based on experimentation. You’ve used it extensively while you were a small child, but on the first day of school, you started using it less, after 2 years you were using it approximately half as much as in the years previous and after 5 to 10 years, 95% of people don't use it much at all anymore.

A major NASA study found that children under 5 years old, when asked questions, can easily come up with many different answers to the same question. As soon as they start attending school this number drops dramatically, After 5 years 95% of children have only 1 or even 0 answers to give.

Let me ask you a question: When was the last time you put yourself in a situation where you had never been before, and had no idea what to do?

If you are honest with yourself, chances are high (around 90%) that it was months or even years ago. But whatever event or moment you just remembered, that was the last time you personally used your blue switch. As a child you used it all the time. You learned how to walk, how to talk, how to play, how to touch and so much more. Most of that you learned using your Extreme Learning skill, your power of experimentation. Nobody told you what to do, there were no instructions, you just put yourself in a place where you had never been before and you had no idea what to do, and you made it work. You probably failed many times, but in the end, you learned!

Whatever it was you we’re trying to learn, you learned it!

And whatever you wish to learn now, as an adult, you can learn it too, using that same power. But you’re likely very inexperienced with it. You’ve devoted many years to becoming great at following instructions and adopting skills that way, but when it comes to experimentation, most of us stop developing between the ages of 5 and 7. After that age we simply stop using experimentation in a sustained way. So when it comes to experimentation, most of us are like a 5 to 7 year old kid. It’s like a sport we never played, a tool we never touched.

But there is as much to learn about Extreme Learning as about any other skill and experimentation is special, because it is the key to learning everything. You see, every skill in the world came into being for the first time through the power of experimentation. They were created with that power, using the blue switch. The second power, the power of adoption can only transmit instructions. It can only share what was learned through experimentation first.

Because the blue power is largely hidden from us in daily life. The whole idea that, you could try things in many different ways, is foreign to many and it takes tremendous willpower to overcome this habit. Our urge to seek instructions in almost any situation is like second nature by the time we leave middle school. Just try something new..? Are you nuts..??

Because the blue power is not well known, it’s also very misunderstood. The essence is this: Because I researched the learning strategies of thousands of the most successful students and some of our greatest innovators and record breakers, people often ask me: ‘What do those people DO different?’. The answer to that question is actually singular and not complicated. They use the blue power all the time! They simply never stopped using it! They kept experimenting, they kept putting themselves into places where they had never been before and where they had no idea what to do or how to do it, and they learned to deal with it. They have as much experience with experimentation as the rest of us have with following instructions. As a result, they know that we humans have a special power that can help us overcome that exact situation time and time again.

How did Elon Musk build SpaceX, Steve Jobs build Apple, how did Laura Dekker solo circumnavigate the world at age 14, how did Eric Ondra climb many of the hardest routes in the world at age 16?

Florian Rooz & Laura Dekker (youngest to solo circumnavigate the world at age 14–16)

Now you know!

What if I told you that, the reason why learning anything can seem hard, has little do with the complexity of the skill or the skill of the teacher, instead learning seems hard to many because we are simply using only half of our mind, only half of our true learning ability!

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