The Story of Your Name

“What am I here for?” Is a question that you may have found yourself asking repetitively, only to have found no answer and missed the clues along the way.

And so, I set off on a journey of discovery through the very basics of my being — my name. Given to you without prior approval or taste, perhaps as a predestined path in its own meaning? Stumbling on research to filling time, was a rather comprehensive website which I’d like to share:

According to the website, the name “Florica” (of Romanian origin) bears the following meaning and creates the following life experiences:

  • As Florica you have a great love of nature and the out-of-doors.
  • All the finer things of life and beauties of nature are an inspiration to you and you are attracted to the mysteries of nature.
  • Difficulty in expression results in your being too positive, blunt, and candid in speech and although you are easily offended by others, you do not show it.
  • You crave affection and understanding, but rarely find it as others do not understand you and accuse you of being cool and aloof.
  • The average person would never realize the true depth of your nature.
  • A very individual, independent person, you live within your own thoughts.
  • The insecurity you experience from limited verbal expression and social ease results in a jealous possessiveness and suffering through frustration, repressed emotion, and self-consciousness.
  • This name would cause tension affecting the eyes, teeth, sinuses, ears or throat.
  • There could also be a sensitivity in the heart, lungs, and respiratory organs, and frequent headaches.

I needed more. This wasn’t enough guidance for my life. And the same must have applied to yourself. Something else presented itself, much more comprehensive and precise (down to the T if you are to put in your middle name).


It provides you with the following clues, on aspects which you may have overlooked or not at all have understood about yourself and the meaning of which you were born to do:

  • Soul Urge Number
  • Expression Number
  • Personality Number
  • Your Hidden Passion Number
  • Primary & Secondary Karmic Lessons

Have a read. Do try. And best of luck on your journey of self-discovery.